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Best Quality AK Mags?

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Who makes the best quality AK mags? :confused:
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My favorite mags for my AKs and my ARs are the Magpul PMAG,

Never had a problem running them in any gun.

Hell No NOT Tapco. K-VAR Corp. USA, instead! I've got, something like, a dozen of them; and they've been flawless. Strong and very well made, too.
No, NOT those magazines. THESE magazines!
My favorite mags for my AKs and my ARs are the Magpul PMAG,

Never had a problem running them in any gun.

Agree on Pmags.
Have used and abused them in both my AR's and AK's configurations and have more Pmags than I have fingers and toes.;)

Here's a little comparo.
What about these Tula ones?

Put it this way.....

What are the most expensive ones?
One, the link you provided is for a museum piece and not even available and Tula anything is not quality.

You want a good quality mag, you pay for it.

From the article I posted (prices).

Make Model Body Material Spring Material Follower $MSRP Rating
Thermold AR-15 30-Round polymer stainless steel standard $10.00 3.7
C Prdts. Def. 30-Round Stainless stainless steel stainless steel anti-tilt $16.00 4.1
D&H Tactical AR-15 30-Round aluminum stainless steel anti-tilt $16.00 4.3
Brownells 30-Rnd. w/CS Spring aluminum chrome silicone standard $15.00 4.3
TangoDown ARC Mag polymer stainless steel anti-tilt $18.50 4.4
TAPCO Intrafuse Gen II polymer stainless steel anti-tilt $14.00 4.4
Lancer Systems L5 Adv. Warfighter polymer / steel stainless steel anti-tilt $16.00 4.9
Magpul PMAG MagLevel polymer stainless steel anti-tilt $18.00 5.0
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For 7.62 ComBloc steel, 5.45 ComBloc bakalite.
It says Museum Grade, its a subjective term.

It says they cost $150.00 each, but are out of stock and on back order.

You have the Magpul PMAG Mag's costing 2nd most expensive but 5.0, so am I to assume they are the best ones?

I want tight fitting mag's that have no wobble when inserted.
Best would be subjective but that particular test rates them highest in the areas tested regardless of which cost the most and mine have been great.

Tolerances on AK's no matter which country made in are looser than an AR so a little wobble can be expected but as long as it locks in, can take abuse and runs the rounds cleanly, no biggie.
I have a Russian and a Serbian AK and both have a touch of play in the magazine when loaded in the weapon.

In mine ( and looks like Phideaux's) opinion they are a top quality mag.

Hope that helps.
By the way I've been shooting AK's for almost 50 years starting in Vietnam and personally feel like I have an idea of what works.
Good luck with your purchase.
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I highly recommend the magazines made by U.S. Palm for the AK47. Tests have shown they are among the most durable AK magazines available. I have many of them and they have functioned flawlessly.
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