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Beretta Neos Carbine Kits are Back in Stock, 2/6/13

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I just got a Neos Carbine Kit on Ebay for $214 + $10 shipping. The seller has 9 more. I also see that Midwest Gun Works has them, for a slightly higher price. Get them now, they wont last.
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...and they're gone from Ebay... Midwest Gun Works, still in stock, 2/7/13
I like it since I own one but think it's a bit expensive for what you get.
I agree... maybe $150 would be better, but if you figure it makes a great "takedown" carbine, the 10/22 Takedowns are commanding close to $500 right now, and you cant turn them back into a pistol. If you pay $250 for a black Neos, and a little less for the carbine kit, you are in it for $50 less than the 10/22 takedown...
Midwest Gun Works, Out of Stock 2/10/13
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