Benchmade lifesharp customer service

Discussion in 'Knife and Blade' started by bhale187, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. bhale187

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    I love Benchmade!

    I sent in 2 old knifes, both at least 10 years old and highly abused. I broke off the tips of both of them trying to use my knifes as pry bars. I sent them to lifesharp with a note saying I'm stupid, I broke these, can you please reshape and sharpen them or replace the blades and charge me as appropriate, plus gave them my cc number.

    3 weeks later I get them back in plastic wrap, in felt draw string bags and new benchmade carboard boxes. They reshaped the blades, sharpened, replaced the clips, new clip screws, adjusted and oiled. Charge $000000

    I love Benchmade!

    Buy a benchmade and cry once (they aren't cheap)
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    I'm also a fan of Benchmade and have beat on several of them but they are well built and I do like the service.