Bellies are multi-dimensional

Discussion in 'Holsters and Cases' started by VThillman, Nov 16, 2015.

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    I was preparing to go into the yard and move some more maple leaves from the side lawn to out back - and decided to wear my GP100MC while doing it. The De Santis holster (002 over 34 is its ID#) isn't properly broken in yet - wearing it aids that process - and this is "black bear wants protein time", so I had a (not very good) excuse. I also have been wearing a new Bigfoot gunbelt for the past several days, and it was about time to use it for something more than holding my pants up.

    Hey, a real gunbelt is just the ticket for keeping the gun butt close to my side so it doesn't print, and the holster+gun was comfortable enough while I was standing up and moving around. Sitting down is another story. My belly is not just 'frontally evident', it extends sideways too, especially while sitting. The gun butt and said belly now contest for the same space.

    Y'know, I can vaguely recall an old Western movie wherein the maturely well fed sheriff sat down at his desk and then pulled his trusty six-shooter and set it on the desk. Hmm.
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    LOL now you know why the sheriff did that.

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    The only reason he pulled the gun out of his holster is he had been down to the Longbranch saloon and had a plateful of beans. Miss Kitty would be proud she fed you so well and when you are sitting, no one is going to look at your side. They are just going to guess how far away from the table you are sitting at!!! LOL