Barrett-Jackson is here next week

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    Just for your information, and I know that there are car guys and gals, motorcyle riders, bikers and people who enjoy automotive memorabilia, I wanted to let everyone know that Barrett-Jackson is coming to Scottsdale. It will also be televised on ESPN and it's a week long event. I have been going for 5 years and it gives me a chance to see multi million $ cars and cars that I would never get a chance to see in normal life. One main attraction is a 1950 Delahaye which is valued @ $3 million dollars. You can get close to them to look and observe. I will be sitting in the bleachers which cost $17.00 per seat. Buyers are in a roped off area and those seats sell for $500.00 per seat. I have always enjoyed cars and bikes and for me it is an annual event I save up for. Cost of food is outrageous and a can of Coke goes for $5.00. Easy to drop a C note in a hurry but it's only once a year. So if you turn on your TV on Wedsnesday of next week, look for me. I will carry a RT Forum sign and try to get it televised. At least I will try to carry a small sign if they let me, sometimes they get real picky on what you can take in. BTW it is a no gun area. You are viewed just like an airport when entering only you don't take off your shoes.:yahoo:


    P.S. I will be wearing my vest which says: Poverty Gulch (that's where I live)
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    I always try to catch it on TV.

    Ill be watching for ya,

    buy me sumpin.:)

    Have fun.


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    Will coke do Jim?
    I don't have access to espn so I will not be viewing it as usual.
    These car auctions really make me think if only I had kept my "60" Corvette, "68" Camaro SS, and especially my "70" Z-28. I would have to mortgage my house to buy any of them now.
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    I've been attending for 14 years but will miss it this year. I hope to have time to catch the action on TV. Car people must put this on their bucket list.
    I've been a seller and a buyer there.
    Even when i'm loosing it's a worthwhile experience. ( a good lesson).
    When i win, its priceless.