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I'll bet most all of the "good" members here have seen screw slots where some "old shaky handed gun owner" tried to either remove, or tighten, a gun screw with a screwdriver better off used on door hinges"

I've sure seen my share and have read of all sorts of excuses due to some "hypochondriac" malady they play on and use in hope, maybe their methods will be forgiven.
I've recently read where someone recommended an online store where they can get another slotted Ruger sight screw for the generous price of only around $10.00, plus shipping. :eek: For a screw that will be just as easy to get buggered up and look like some chimp got ahold of a screwdriver?
We have a much better solution, stronger and much cleaner to look at after installation. Yes, it is a "custom screw" made to my specifications and it holds the sight in place without loosening up:

So, it's a much better "custom designed screw" at much less cost involved with their recommended, favorite, place on line.
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