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Some good information here and the longest advertisement I have ever seen. I didn't time it but I stopped at what seemed like about 1 hr.

IMHO a persons mindset is the most important factor in any kind of fight. Bare handed or armed, never give up, stay in the fight.
Have you thought thru what you'll do when ............(fill in the blank)
Do you need time to decide what to do, or have you run every possible scenario thru your mind you can envision.
Probably not gonna be time to decide. You have to know ahead of time.

I've studied Karate for years, and like the guy in the advertisement said the first few seconds decides it.

Shooting skills: Center of mass hits and speed is the only way I practice with my SD gun. I put up three targets and double tap each one.
When I took a new shooter to the range and he shot much better groups with his Glock, I tried to explain, he never understood.

Ever try moving while shooting, one handed, laying on your back, with your weak hand, gun at your side? < KEEP off hand at chest! All important.

Like Ernesto's title indicates. Probably most important of all is situation awareness.
Going to your car in a parking lot. Keep your gun hand free and watch for anyplace an attack can come from.
When it becomes habit, you do it without even thinking about it.

I have to stop now. :dizzy: Anyone have more ideas?

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When I go to the range I focus my thoughts on accuracy. Although speed is important, so is the accuracy. I carry my RugerSR1911 LW Commander in a nylon strap over the trigger and in stage 2 condition. I am not comfortable with the stage 1 although gun/defense "experts" claim that is the correct way to carry a 1911. I also practice speed, however I do not "machine gun" my pistol as some do. I would rather be able to hit the BG first rather than ratchet away my rounds. True, I have to cock the hammer but I have learned through practice on how to cock it as I pull it from the holster. Your first reaction to a round going off should be to hit the deck and then assess where the round is coming from. Then you can decide on whether to run or take a defensive postion and return fire. I am too old to run therefore, I must be aware of my surroundings. This becomes an everyday occurrence and soon it will become natural. It's like Wyatt Earp stated: It's good to shoot fast, but better to shoot fast and accurate. MHO only! He was never hit in the only real gun fight he was in and that was the OK corral.


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Yeah, very long winded. He repeats himself many times before the video - yet it needs repeating. And although the video of the police officer is very graphic, it needs to be watched. The officer was supposedly a very good shot and emptied his clip and hit the guy only once. Still the bad guy persevered.

Having the ability to read people's intentions who are approaching you is essential to your safety as well as awareness of your surroundings. Having grown up on the street as a kid (parents didn't give a fig about what I was doing) I can read people pretty good. "Is this guy just a bum looking for a hand out or is he going to pull a weapon and try and take it?" Many times there's no tellin. Still my hands on my weapon. Two seconds or less is what I think you have in a close-up scenerio like five feet or closer. Remember, criminals are opportunists. A crime of opportunity is a crime that is committed without planning when the perpetrator sees that he/she has the chance to commit the act at that moment. Be aware

The police officer had the chance to go and get the guy and didn't, big mistake. The other guy had the time coulda pulled out any type of weapon. We most likely wont be in one of those situations.

On the street in your car at a stop light? A car jacking? My pistola is tucked right between the center seat and my seat. I'm scanning around my truck when I'm stopped at a light. Be aware who's behind you as well.

So if you go to the range and plink at the target, the jest of this is that its not enough. An assailant coming at you on crack or what have you is going to need several very quick accurate shots to drop him in his or her tracks.
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