Are these MODs possible to a MK III?

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    I have a Ruger MK III 22/45 Lite that I am interested in having some work done on and I am looking for recommendations on who could do it. I have both a factory 4.5” upper and a Pac-Lite 4.5” upper. I want to have the barrel shortened the front site moved back crowning and re-threading. I have seen some that have gone to 2”, but not sure if I am interested in going that short. I am thinking removing enough barrel so that the barrel extends a half inch to and inch past the frame/trigger guard. What I am trying to achieve is the look of the character Robert Rath’s MK in the movies Assassins, which can be seen here in the forth and fifth picture from the top. I realize that this is going to sacrifice the effective distance of the firearm and that's okay. Is it possible to shorten such a barrel? Who does this type of work? I also want the following.

    1.) Remove Mag-disconnect pieces and install a MK 2 hammer bushing or comparable.

    2.) Add a Volquartsen "Sure Fire" firing pin.

    3.) Add a Volquartsen extractor.

    4.) Trigger job or new trigger

    5.) Take out of the bolt release detent and dremel two small grooves in the arm that holds the bolt open on last round fired and a small grove on the bottom of the barrel/receiver for that spring to sit in, so that "after last round fired" I can drop an empty mag, slap in a full mag and with a slight pull back on the bolt ears have the bolt slam in the next round instead of having to fiddle with that stiff bolt release knob on the left side (if that makes sense).

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    I don't if this will help regarding shortening the barrel but years ago you could buy a short Ruger barrel for adding a silencer. This pic is from an old Et Cetera catalog. It may give you an idea or two.

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