AR-556 Barrel

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    I have heard different reasons, but, why did Ruger CHF their AR-556 barrel, but not chrome line it? Or, line it any other way? My S&W buddies with their new Sport 2 AR's are beating the HELL out of me as to why I bought an AR without a protected lined barrel. I heard it was to keep costs down. I personally think the barrel will outlive me.
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    I thought about that when I bought my AR556 too. The reason I went with it over the S&W is b/c I prefer the 1/8 twist over the S&W's 1/9.

    Another thing I considered was that Ruger reportedly put close to 20,000 through three of these rifles in testing. Two suffered broken bolts very near the 20k mark with the 3rd completing the firing schedule. I don't think the barrel is an issue.

    With that said...yeah, I wish Ruger would have chrome lined the barrel, but if my AR556 gets me to 19 or 20,000 rounds, or really anywhere near that, I'll be more than happy with it.
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