AR-15 or EDC?

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    Alright, I need your opinion on this.
    Up until this point, I haven't CC'ed. In WA, you can open carry (at least where I'm at) and I've done that a few times. My only gun that I can really carry though, weighs 29 oz. Yeah. ImageUploadedByRuger Forum1465530732.139673.jpg
    EAA Windicator .357 mag.

    It works, but isn't ideal.

    So, to my point.
    With the upcoming election, I'm getting a little nervous. I have a really bad gut feeling about Hillary.
    So, I have three options.
    One would be to buy an AR, either a Ruger ar556 or S&W m&p-15 sport.
    Or, buy a carry gun. Still not sure if I'd want a revolver or a semi. I shoot revolvers a lot better. On the revolver side would be a S&W bodyguard .38 spl or a Ruger LCR. On the semi auto side: Ruger sr9 or a S&W SD9VE. Or maybe an LC9. Not sure.

    My third option would be to buy as many reloading components as possible (brass, lead, primers, powder etc.)

    I have that Hi-Point carbine and a security shotty for HD. And I do have my Savage .30/06 for long range shots.

    I don't know........sorry for the rambling!

    Anyway, I would love to hear your opinion.
  2. greg_r

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    From what you listed, I would go with the LC9. Specifically I would go LC9S Pro, or the LCR. You already have the rifle part covered, but don't have a good concealed carry. A single stack automatic is a joy to carry as is the LCR. I am happy with my choice of Kahr and LCRX for concealed carry purposes.

    As to the MSR, buy a lower. You can get a blem for less than $40. Scour the flea market, yard sales, auction sites for take off parts. People are forever swapping out parts and selling take-offs to fund their projects. You can build a MSR pretty easily for $200 to $300 if you look around.

    I am looking for a full size 9mm myself. Your choice of SR9 of SD9VE are high on my list. My brother has a SD40VE, and it has been a good one. I actually like the SR9E better than the SR9, I prefer the slide and sight set up. But in the end, I'm leaning hard toward the Ruger American. I have a Taurus PT809 that I am very happy with, but I'm waiting for it to break, as all things eventually will, and don't figure I'll have much luck with Taurus customer no-service.

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    I take it , your saying that you can not do all three...


    IF....we are talking nearly shtf. or teotwawki (the end of the world as we know it)

    You have a handgun,
    You have a long un,
    You even have a shotgun.

    If SHTF, you aint gonna be able to feed anything you now have or any gun you buy. Hmmmmmmm.

    Buy as much reloading supplies as you can. Powder, bullets, primers, brass.

    Then if shtf don't happen as expected guns and make your ammo.

  4. SavageGuy

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    I guess I'm deciding which of the three comes first. I'm leaning towards the sr9e right now. I like the capacity and I could figure out a way to conceal it. Then comes the AR. Then I'll put a hold on the guns and start buying as many reloading supplies as possible.
  5. SavageGuy

    SavageGuy Active Member

    Alright, I decided that I'm currently satisfied with my firearms collection and that I'm gonna start stocking up on lead, primers, powder, hi-cap mags for the 9mm carbine etc. Next will be either the 9e or sd9ve.
  6. RavenU

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    Hmmm, ....... Well, let's see! The first firearms to be curtailed will be anything that so much as even looks like one of the national news media's, 'assault rifles'. So, if you want an AR carbine then THAT is what you should spend your money on first.

    In 21st century America the self-defense handgun of first choice is a standard, or mid-frame size semiautomatic pistol - One that holds, at least, a dozen rounds.

    Personally, I wouldn't spend the money on reloading equipment; but I'm, probably, a lot older than you; and I couldn't reload for hours at a time, nowadays, in the same way that I used to long ago.

    Today, if I need ammo then I have enough to protect myself through the initial stages of, say, a severe civil riot. After that? If I'm still alive it's going to be, 'battlefield pickup time'; and I'll resupply as best as I'm able.

    The only other thought I'll offer you is (and I speak as a survivor) 'Never carry a gun that's not much bigger than a baby's pacifier.' If it's not a weapon that you can effectively fight for your life with then you shouldn't be carrying it. Why? Because feeling safe is NOT the same thing as actually being safe.

    What do I carry around all day long? I alternate between two pistols: Most of the time I carry a Glock Model 21 and one or two extra magazines. Sometimes, though, I switch and carry a Glock Model 19 which is absolutely as small as I'm willing to go on a PRIMARY pistol.

    Sometimes, and especially during the cold weather months, I'll also carry a small Beretta, 'Alleycat' semi-auto in an outside coat pocket; but, I have no illusions. My Alleycat is a SECONDARY pistol; one that I would never dare to rely upon as a primary self-defense weapon.

    Personally, I wouldn't trust the Hi-Point carbine to be all that reliable; and most shotguns are essential close range weapons that won't, necessarily, 'keep the wolves away from your door'.
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