Anyone have issues with Nosler jamming with RPR 6.5

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    My husband made some reloads for me using Nosler casing. Every one of them jammed while trying to extract.

    No issues in the 6.5 cm Ruger predator and no issues in the Savage Stealth 6.5 cm.

    Hornady casing had no issues.

    Curious to know if anyone is having similar issues. Wondering if my RPR is being picky.
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    I haven't had any issues with either of my Precision Rifles. But I haven't shot any Nosler brass.

    First guess is the chamber throat on the Precision may be slightly shorter than the other barrels and you are getting a little crimp on the case neck, which is elevating the pressure. Which doesn't necessarily explain why it is just the Nosler brass is having issues, and not the Hornady.

    Alternatively, the throat on the Precision might be slightly tighter than the other chambers, and the metal of the neck of the Nosler cases just enough thicker than the Hornady brass that the Nosler is fitting into the throat a little snugly. This could elevate the pressure and cause hard extraction.

    Option three: the lead to the lands of the rifling could be just a tad shorter than those on your other Rifles, so the pressure goes up, as the bullet cold starts at the lands. Which also causes hard extraction problems. But again it doesn't explain why the Nosler has an issue, and not the Hornady.

    You should get a quality digital caliper and check to see if there are any measurable differences between loaded Nosler and Hornady rounds. Also, compare fired cases. Once you determine what the difference between the loaded rounds, and the fired cases is, you will probably know what the issue is, and be able to correct for it.
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