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Any other NY'ers here?

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Anybody here from NY? I'm in Sullivan County. The Catskill mountains on the Delaware river. Where are you fellow NY'ers from?
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I'm in Dutchess county,Hudson river valley
Hey guys. Long Islander here but my folks are retired up in Schoharie county :)
EX Brooklynite here (Now Richmond/Rosenberg, TX) Used to rent a summer trailer campsite near Ellenville (up a mountain off of 209) for a couple of summers.
Well, there are a few of us still here anyway, Maybe a summer get together/shoot is a possibility. Nice thought tonight since it's 2 degrees F tonight. I hate this time of year. I wish I had access to an indoor range. Don't get me wrong my backyard is the best but I don't get much shooting done in the winter.

Take care,
Our Governor hasn't run me out yet, but he came pretty close 01/26/2013
Hi there! I'm from Westchester County and have a house up in Schoharie County.
hi guys , I'm in rockland , newburgh gun show coming up end of august
Hey Automan! I grew up in Riverdale. Spent many years there. Went to school in the Bronx. Welcome!
First 5 years of my life, raised by my Grand Parents. Lived in lower Manhattan, 96th Street and Lexington Ave.
Rockland county, Hudson Valley.
NRA dinner April 15 at Hilton in Orangeburg, about 700 protesters expected, anyone who can boost our numbers welcome!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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