Another "Not a Ruger" thread.

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  1. CajunBass

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    But it sounds close.

    1916, DWM Luger, 9mm.

    I've never thought much about Lugers. They're usually in the "if you have to ask you can't afford it" cabinet at "Ali-Babba's House O Guns" (not their real name), but this one was in the "regular" case, with a $549.00 price tag, so I asked to see it.

    I know about as much about buying a Luger, as I do about buying a used flying saucer, but I put it on hold and did some research and learned that it is what's called a "VOPO" Luger. "VOPO" is short for Volkspolizei or "peoples Police". These were apparently rebuilt and refinished then used by various East German Police agencies until the wall came down, and they were surplussed off, and it found it's way to central Virginia.

    I took it home, cleaned it, lightly Flitzed it to remove surface rust (in my experience almost all old guns have microscopic surface rust on them), and wiped it down with a silicone rag.



    I haven't shot it yet (it needs a new magazine) and I probably won't shoot it a lot, but I will have to try it out. I've got a magazine on order, but the recent snow storm has delayed everything.
  2. phideaux

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    I have only seen one of those in my lifetime,

    My wifes dad had one, before his house was burglarized , it was stolen. That was over 50 yrs ago.

    Let us know how it shoots,


  3. SHOOTER13

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    Nice score...looking forward to the range report !!
  4. gumpy

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    Hope it shoots as good as it looks!
  5. VThillman

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    My hope also! I have always been fascinated by the looks of them. After acquiring some delusions about my understanding of mechanics, the toggle action has interested me too.