Another new Ruger.

Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by rugertoter, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. rugertoter

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    I bought this a couple of days ago, and shot it yesterday. What a pistol, at least compared to my Gen 1 LCP. Very happy with this pistol, and hats off to Ruger for making a better mouse trap. It ran everything I fed it 100%.
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  2. greg_r

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    I am partial to my LCP II as well. Love the trigger and usable sights.

    I have a fond memory of not long after I bought my Elsie Pea Dos when I went to see my little brother. He was in the back yard with my baby brother, they were shooting plates with their 357’s. All I had was my little Ruger. I still treasure the look he gave me when I ran the plates with the 7 rounds I had on board. Looked sideways at me like a rattlesnake had a hold of his big toe!
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  3. rugertoter

    rugertoter Active Member

    LMAO! I still like and will carry my LCP I, but this one will be carried the most. I can shoot the original pretty well, but it still has a tendency to "twist" in the hand, but not this Gen II. Plus, I like the slide locking back on the last round.

    I shoot this one pretty much as accurately as any other pistol...I can't say that about the Gen I. I can keep them in the boiler room, on a B-27 target, at 7 yards, but this Gen II I can do the same at 10 yards easily.
  4. SGW Gunsmith

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    .380 caliber ammunition has come a very long way over the last several years.
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  5. buster40c

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    Looks like you had quite an itch that needed scratched twice in a short time.
    Well you got two good carry guns for sure.
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