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Another great now RIP

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Harry Dean Stanton known for so many different roles in movies has passed away from natural causes at age 91. I always thought he added his own style to any movie he ever was in.
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He was a great character actor...

R.I.P. Harry Dean Stanton
He was always an old farm boy, especially in Clint Eastwood's movie Kelly's Heros and in Paul Newman's movie where they were in a chain gang (forget the name). Cool Hand Luke.Paul was sent to work on a chain gang cuz he was cutting off parking meter heads. I saw that movie and thought that was a good idea and a buddy of mine and I tried to rip one of a street corner that was bent over and some cops came over and asked what the hell we were doing. We both said: I dunno. He said we had better learn real quick and go home. That's when we had a failure to communicate, but we went home staggering down the street. I used to drink some then, but not now.

He will be missed for sure!!!

I confess I didn't know who that was, UNTIL I watched the great video. Yeah, he was a great character actor.
I was the same way in that I didn't recognize the name but I sure recognized the face. I remembered his often smiling back showing his sense of finding humorous response to the situation in a scene.
R.I.P. Harry D, Stanton!
A really fine character actor, he will be missed.
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