Another AR? Yeah, why not.

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    Anad a fair weekend at the gunshow 2 weeks ago. Crowd was bringing in a lot of guns at decent prices, probabl to buy Xmas gifts. I sold a bunch of rubber band guns for the diddies as stocking stuffers, an old Dan Wesson .357, and a rifle. So, I had some cash to buy Xmas gifts also. Saw quite a few Glocks, mostly 22s iun .40 cal and a few G17s. Most were 4 bills or more. I had already snagged one early Sat for 3 bills off an old man & really wanted something else in the way of a wood stocked & blue rifle or another AR, cheap of couse. Last AR I got I only gave 4 bills for it and it was all Anderson upper/lower with all Magpul furniture and sights. Hoped for another like that. Last one was a .300 B.O. or maybe an AR-10 in .308. Most guns coming in were 5.56 and in the 5 to 6 bill range. Not great, considering there were new M&P 15s for that much on the tables.

    Late Sunday, already packing. Guy came in with an AR and a Glock 17. he wanted d 550 for the AR & 450 for the Glock. Told him I would do 4 orn the AR and 3 on the G17. He came down on the AR by a hundredm, but nothing on the Glock. He said he was an LEO and needed it as a backup unless he sold it for enough to get a G26 a friend had. He showed me hss badge. Told him sorry 4 & 3. He agreed to sell me the AR for 4 with one mag. He had 6 and a nice tac bag to carry it in. Told him I would throw in another 20 for the mags and bag. He went for it.

    This one was ordered by the owner in complete upper and lower sections with all Magpull stuff and sights. However, he had ordered a new "thin" floated forend and buttstock with a detachable strap. New stuff to me. You just push a button at the end to get it in a hole. He said he had never fired it. Oh well, it should work. It did and worked very well. All I had to do was move the rear sight 6 clicks right to zero at 40 yards. O.k. for now.