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    Was at a gun show last weekend and a fellow came by my table(I sell some reloading supplies etc) and he gave me a tale of woe. Now some tales of woe are true and some aren't. This one really did ring true. He told me he needed to get some money in the house(me too). He had a Ruger 1911 he needed to sell. Now I am a sucker for 45 autos. Not keen on stainless but the price was ok so I bought it. Now it feels ok but it ain't my Wilson Combat or the Kimber. Going to try it out tomorrow on the range I have set up on the ranch. All my regular mags fit but wondering the approx. spring weight the Rugers have. Don't want to beat it up with my heavier loads. It's a full size gun. Wish it were a commander size...but I have a smaller Para Ord LDA compact 6 shooter for summer carry. Any comments or concerns relating to the Ruger 1911? I've never even looked at the Ruger 1911 much less handled one... till this one.
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    I have 3 SR1911 Rugers, 1 standard, 1 Commander and the last one is my Commander LW which I use for my EDC. The only thing I have done to the Rugers is put Pachmayr grips on them due to my long fingers and had a trigger job which brought it down to 4lbs. Basically these are all the changes I have done and I shoot my LW weekly at the range. I really haven't had any problems with them and they are as accurate as I can shoot them. The standard SR1911 has a little less recoil than the LW due to the longer and heavier barrel however accuracy is not a problem. However when you are comparing to a Wilson combat, you are not comparing apples to apples especially when it comes to price. I haven't had the privilege of shooting a Wilson, but have read a lot of reports on them. Kimber (and I am prejudice) is not my cup of tea. It's my belief that the Ruger will shoot as well as you can make it shoot. I am sure marksmen shooters will disagree with me however at my age there is no way I could become a marksman shooter. However I am confidant enough to carry the Ruger as my self defense weapon and have total confidence in them. Take it to the range and put 500 rounds through it over time and then do a comparison. I think that way you will be able to make a good comparison and find out if it fits your needs or not. Good luck and please keep us posted.


    P.S. Skeet, I misread a little part of your thread and don't worry about running heavy loads through your SR1911. The recoil spring will handle anything you can put in there and should last up to 10K rounds. I do know that the recoil spring on a Commander is heavier than the standard but not that you would ever notice. And as far as stainless goes, I like mine stainless. Easier to clean and less apt for rust invasion. You could always have it cerakoted if you wanted to.
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