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Ok gang. So I went from owning zero Rugers to being the proud owner of two Rugers. I've always liked and appreciated a nice Ruger but someone I never managed to seal the deal on one. So here are my new toys. The first is a Mark III threaded barrel that I came across at my local shop. Ended up at $410 out the door. I was looking hard at the Ruger Lite but I just did not like how the mag ejects. Kept catching my big mitt on the way down. This just felt better for me. This is my goal for it. Paperwork is about to get put in for a suppressor so I am very excited.


The second is a Mark II stainless slab side. Actually found it from a co-worker who just had a new baby and needed a little extra cash. I've yet to shoot either one but that changes tomorrow and I can't wait. I am looking for suggestions for sights for the slab side. It has the factory Ruger sight rail and rings but I just don't like the tube style red dots. Thanks in advance boys. Sorry for the crappy pics of the Slab. She look smuch better in person.


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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