An expert??

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    Jesuswept. What an idiot. This is why we can't have nice things.

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    Press a button, hey? Semiauto ARs are manufactured with a 'button' and are legal unless the user presses the button - which makes the gun illegal?

    Legal to illegal at the press of a button - what a concept.

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    I guess it depends how you push the button in order for it to become fully automatic? Have any of you that build your own ARs thought about leaving the button out?
    They really screwed up having this false flag in CA.
    I read today the shooter had made a phone call to some very dangerous people before going on his mission and the FBI supposedly knew about it. So why didn't the FBI stop his mission before it happened? To much of the reported story doesn't make sense. two people then it was 3 people. Then they arrived in 4 vehicles that appeared to be blacked out Suburbans like special police forces use. Then 2-3 hours later the man and wife are caught leaving their homes still in their so called mission tactical clothing. Oh yes I would definitely go back out without changing clothes. NOT! You watch the story here will change to they were going to pull off another attack somewhere else. Then there is the body laying in the street wearing shorts and a low cut blouse. That's tactical clothing? No blood on the body or around the body. Look closely and the body appears to be a CPR dummy.
    One of the women killed in Paris had talked to her parents after the shooting was over saying she and her boyfriend were okay, but somehow she was one of the shooting victims reported dead later on. Her parents want an answer to this!
    These script writers get their play adlibbed without the reporting crew knowing about it. You watch and you will see exactly why the reporting gets changed as the days pass by. They have to cover what screw ups they didn't know about or how stupid and not making sense their script was.
    Every one of these false flags are exactly that in order to have greater possibility of more gun control.
    Isn't it amazing how France decided to retaliate against ISIS by dropping bombs on Syria according to where US intelligence said to hit. Isn't it amazing how the infrastructure electric and water supply were among the target areas? Just another bunch of BS to make Syria even less able to sustain citizens living in Syria. This is all a huge scam to take over countries. Watch and you will see Turkey will be next. Turkey could be the starting point of ww3. Well actually we are in ww3 right now but they haven't stated it yet because of who is behind and causing it. Who is the real enemy is what they don't want people to know.
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    Good thing they got an expert. Now the public has even more "facts".
    Gee Wiz.
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    They shoulda called me....heck....I'm always pushin somebodies button..

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    Finally Jim tells the truth. I knew there was something going on but couldn't find the right button.:shocked:Now I know it's Jim's fault!!!

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    You know what an expert is? An ex is a has-been, and spert is a drip under pressure.
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    What a dipstick
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    The chick is smokin' hot. Miami in the 1980s makes these guys look amateurs. Mac-10s and UZis were so much easier. Today my choice would be a 9mm EVO Skorpion.