An Anti-Gun Friend ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by MagBlackhawk, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. MagBlackhawk

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    A friend that is anti-gun but doesn't know it? Yes, I know one of those. How about you?
    When we were youngsters we hunted together, shot the guns, he kept a legal 'cut down' shotgun close.
    We were both just freedom lovin Texas boys. I haven't changed. :dunno:

    Thirty+ years later and I bump into him, we reconnect, go out and shoot some clay targets together.
    He was the same guy I've always known then the topic of politics, gun politics came up...
    My old friend drinks the liberal, democratic Kool-Aid and is an avid hunter, both at the same time.

    I see him from time to time. We both know we disagree about gun rights and most everything political.
    He's careful not to spill to much of his Kool-Aid and I'm careful about the way I tell him the truth.

    How do you handle situations like this -or- do you just stay away from the Kool-Aid drinkers?
  2. spikedriver

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    I just say, I'll let you do you as long as you don't interfere with me doing me. Most of my friends are more or less pro 2A anyway, and many are ex military, so we tend to think alike when it comes to guns.

  3. SavageGuy

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    Two of my friends, some of the nicest people I've ever met, are total liberals. Can't stand Trump, both absolutely loved Obama. One of them owns guns though. Even carries from time to time.

    I pretty much avoid talking politics because we disagree and what's the point?
  4. buster40c

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    I guess as long as you both don't get into your differences then you can still enjoy your friendship and same interests. Years ago a guy I worked with and we became friends even though we had our differences. I wasn't into guns back then and he wasn't into religion. As long as we stayed away from discussing the two we were okay.
  5. VThillman

    VThillman Active Member

    I speak my mind (such as it is) to friends, and they return the courtesy.
  6. phideaux

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    Gotta be honest....seriously,

    I don't have any anti-gun friends,
    Heck , I don't even know anybody thats anti-gun,

    Honestly , I probably never will.

    If I hear that a person , that I may be in the same room with, is anti-gun....I leave.

    It's dangerous.

  7. gwpercle

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    Sounds like my first cousin. He got married, moved to Washington state and went from a hunting fishing country boy to a vegetarian-vegan, hippie, democratic , anti-gun , tree out who you marry, they can ruin you.
    I only see him about every 20 years, so we don't talk much. Once the wife has convinced the husband her way is best he can go with it or bail out. I would never had married someone like that in the first place. She must have been something in the bedroom.
    Me and my future wife went on shooting dates before we married , I made dern sure she liked shooting !....
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