Amtrak: firearm permitted in locked trunk?

Discussion in 'Second Amendment and Legal' started by Reagan, Aug 26, 2013.

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    I went round and round searching the Amtrak,, websites, etc to see if I could lock my CC in the trunk while parked at the Amtrak station to pick up my wife.
    My understanding is it is not permitted as the law reads ....(verbatim).not permitted in Fed buildings, entities ( must be posted) or in parking lots adjacent to or under the control of the Federal Entity....
    The Station is posted at the building entrance.
    Of course the Rocky Mount, NC station is in a terrible area...I will not go near the place without protection.....what to do....park blocks away on the city street ....this all seems o absurd to me....just asking for weapons to fall into the wrong hands!

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  2. j2l3

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    Amtrak just this past year started allowing unloaded firearms in checked baggage stored in the baggage car.

    I would imagine you would be okay with your firearm locked in your trunk while at the ststion.

    Of course, don't talk about it and no one would know anyway.

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