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    I was wondering just how much louder a 357 would sound compared to a 9 mm, .40 or .45. I found this link and while I don't really understand how it works it appears a 357 would sound like more than twice as loud as the sound of a .45 but not much louder than a 9mm.
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    Tommy, as soon as you read 'logarithmic', you know there's mumbo-jumbo coming. At least when it says 'exponential', you know it's about those little numbers hitched to the big ones, and when the little numbers increase in value things get out of control in a hurry.


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    Yeah Tommy it would have been nice if they just said in layman English that the 357 sounds about twice louder than a 45 or 50% louder than a 9mm. Was that so hard to say?
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    Am I reading this right? A 9mm is one db louder than a 30-06 and a .38spl is only one db less than a 30-06?
    Guess it depends on where you are standing. :confused:

    (db) -- (Ammunition)
    157 --.22 Magnum pistol
    157 --.45 ACP pistol
    158 --.380 ACP pistol
    158 --.38 Special revolver
    159 --.30-06
    160 --9mm Para pistol
    163 --.41 Magnum revolver
    164 --.357 Magnum revolver
    164 --.44 Magnum revolver

    Bet I'm misunderstanding something here, maybe the word 'logarithmic' is to blame. LOL
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    Well you figure the long barrel makes a huge difference in loudness. I shot a Calibre quiet that uses only the primer but no powder charge. In a 22lr rifle you mostly just hear the gun action, it is that quiet. BUT shoot that round in a 4" revolver and oh yeah it is still loud but less than a normal 22lr. Barrel length makes huge difference in sound heard.