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Ammo Shortages

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Is anyone having problems getting ammo? Are you finding ammo on the internet? If so where.

Walmart, Cheaper than Dirt and Cabela's doesn't have any. Cabela's on line may but not sure yet.
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It's a nation wide thing. Ammo is out there if you look online, but even the online sellers are starting to run dry.
I would say 99% of the stores around me are out of 9mm, .22 and .223's and have no idea when they will get any in
Was at my local Range, no 9mm at all of any kind, basically all they was Hornady 20 round boxes of misc calibers. Slim pickins, Don't think I will go to the range for a while and save my ammo.
I can get pistol rounds no problem, but anything in a 7.62 or a .223 is impossible right now.
I picked just the right time to start loading .38 spl to feed my GP and SP. Luckily I have enough supplies to last awhile. I also kind of saw what was coming down the day after Sandy Hook and ordered a case of Federal .22 from G.B. but I have still had to put my .22's away for a bit as I don't know when .22LR will come back locally.

I recently picked up a Taurus 945 on a trade, and managed to find one box of .45acp to try it out. Then I put it in the safe, and am not bothering with it until this mess passes.
I am looking for .40 smith & wesson and .223 or 5.56. I have some ammo but was wanting to add to my stock pile. I want to go to the range and shoot but may have to put it off to keep from depleting my stock so that I will be ready for a fight if it becomes necessary.
Sportman's Guide just sent me a catalog lisiting all of the above ^^
But they are out of most of it.
The small town I live in has (1) LGS within a 50 mile radius. They are selling TulAmmo 9mm boxes of 50rds. for $23.50 a box! And people are buying it! :eek:
BTW, that is the ONLY ammo on his shelves.

When our local WM gets ammo in they are only selling 3 boxes per person per day.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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