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ammo choices for LCR 5450

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I carry an H&K P30SK most of the time in a Ronin concealment holster. Sometimes (especially during winter) I carry a P30. My usual load is 124 gr +P in HST. Due to the close proximity of neighbors, I always switch to 9MM 115 gr critical defense at home.

I have an LCR 5450 which I sometimes carry on my weakside in a Ronin concealment holster. I usually carry a B.U.G. when I'm metal detecting at certain large beaches in the middle of the night and when I'm buying or transporting precious metals. I usually load 135 gr +P Gold Dot in .38 special (for short barreled revolvers). Many years ago, during my law enforcement career I had the invigorating experience of fighting for my life to not lose possession of my service weapon.

Metal detecting on the surf, I always try to be aware of what's going on around me. Usually I'm the only person of that huge beach at 2 or 3 AM. Between the surf and wearing headphones, I have been surprised to find someone standing within 5 feet of me. Buying and selling precious metals has it's set of perils and that's why I carry a back up.

My question is simple: Are there any opinions out there regarding the ammo that I carry in my LCR? When I go to the range, I rotate my ammo by empting the cyclinder at my target - weak hand draw and shooting at about 10 feet. It's a little snappy, but I usually hit center of mass on my first 3 shots and about 50-50 on the final two being head shots. I use about 1 box of target rounds with this weapon per month.

I figure that the most likely scenerio when I'll need a BUG we'll be at hands on distance. I would appreciate hearing any suggestions pertaining to this subject. Especially from any LCR people as far as what load you carry and what you think of my choices.
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I wouldn't think +P is needed in a 9mm since standard rounds will often go right through a person. That's why I quit carrying .357 mags in my LCR. Well that and the ear drum breaking, high flash, and recoil are a big factor also. I now carry Remington semi jacketed 125gr 38 spl +P hollow points in my LCR.

I load my LCR with 135 gr gold dot +P, it's supposed to be made for short barrels. I think 357 loads in this gun for what I need would be insane!
The LCR 357 model is a few ounces heavier than the LCR +P which is why I bought it. The LCR+P is darn near feather light and even shooting +P from it would be a bit much IMO.
key word: BACK UP

For me to carry an LCR only makes sense as a back up gun. The only time I would ever use it is when the S*** has hit the fan and it's not looking good for the home team. I'm either facing another deadly weapon when my primary malfunctions, I can't use my right hand from injury or if I'm holding onto my primary frantically wresting to maintain possession from the guy who is trying to get it out of my hand. If I'm lucky, I get 2 shots in his gut and one in his forehead. Ugly, nasty thought...sure. But the only reason I get those shots off is because I was lucky enough to be prepared on that horrible day. I don't believe in carrying 357 any where urban. I was wanting some opinions regarding +P or standard pressure because I don't know how effective they would be from a barrel less than 2". I only have those 3-5 rounds to end the attack. I would rather not live with myself if I ever killed or injured an innocent bystander for carrying over powered ammo, no matter how many bad people the round has exited.

So endeth my rant.
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