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    What's going on now is total politics and nothing more. 5 billion to build a wall just doesn't feasibly make sense. Fact is illegal immigration cost US tax payers possibly seven times or more than that amount in government handouts to illegals per year.
    Fact is if illegals no longer got free food, subsidized or free housing, free medical care, weren't protected by sanctuary cites then the illegals wouldn't be coming by the thousands illegally into this country. According to democraps we can't possibly show why building a fence is financially feasible. I guess that's another reason why we are over 25 trillion in debt.
    No single parent with an infant would travel thousands of miles, supposedly often on foot, to get to the USA. Mommy are we there yet!
    George Soros among others are footing their transportation and supplies to get here.

    Ted Cruze tells the facts that Pelosi and her ilk are ignoring. Facts that her and her ilk were supporting a few years ago but are hell bent against now. It's all politics with no for the greater good even considered. But according to the demorats the shut down was all the fault of the president.