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Alert California plans massive restictions

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Have to ask,
How many of you,
gun owners,
voted for these people? ? ?
Pretty soon those folks on the left coast will be required to address each other as comrade.
I've been voting against the Socialist Party (a.k.a. Democratic Party) for 42 years. My Assemblyman, State Senator, and Congressman are all Republican. Unfortunately, we have a system here in the CPR that now makes it virtually impossible for a Republican majority to be elected. Third parties have been shut out by the "Open Primary" law that only allows the top 2 finishers in a primary election to run in the General Election. That has resulted in several constituencies only having a choice between 2 Socialist Party candidates.

I only moved back to the CPR when I retired from the USAF because my parents lived here; my father passed away in 1994, but my mother is still alive at age 92. I planned on moving out of the CPR once she passed away but it looks like I'm going to be forced to leave before that happens.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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