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AK Platform Thread

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Pictured below is my Yugoslavian AKMS ( 7.62x39mm ) manufactured by Zastava Arms in the city of Kragujevac, in modern day Serbia.


Assault Rifle M70AB2
Calibre (mm) 7.62x39
Twist rate (mm) 240
Number of grooves 4

Weight (kg)
Weapon 4.04
Magazine, empty (30 rounds) 0.36

Length (mm)
Weapon with folded stock 900
Barrel 415

Mechanical Features
Type of fire- Semi-Auto
Operation- Gas operated
Locking system- Rotating bolt

Muzzle velocity (m/s) 720
Rate of fire (rounds/min.) 620
Maximum effective range (m) 300
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My Russian Saiga AK47 7.62x39
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I really am happy that I made a large purchase of 7.62X39 ammo.:D
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