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I got hooked on these guns earlier this year and was just wondering if any of you guys are into Air guns.

I have really been impressed with the accuracy, at 50 yds or less, and the power of these guns.

I have only 3 at this time, but intend to add a .25 caliber Rifle and a .22 caliber pistol.

The top rifle is a Hatsan model 85 Sniper .177 cal, shoots 7.3 lead pellts at avg 985 fps.
The Pistol is a Ruger Mark1 , in .177 caliber, havent chronied , but suppose to be around 600 fps.( This one had to have quite a bit of trigger work to make it nice and accurate)
Th bottom rifle is a Ruger Air Magnum, shoots .22 cal lead at 1000 to 1030 fps , dependending on pellet type.

The Rifles will group 3/4" at 25 to 35 yrds ,with the right pellet and I do my part.
The pistol will do the same out to 15 yds.

The cheapest shooting fun I have, and killed more Wabbits than any other also. :cool:

Hope Im not the only one shooting these .:)

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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