Air Force, M9 Holster? Identify/Value?

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    He is one for ya military buffs or those that served. It is a holster, plastic, formed fit. Given to me by an old gun swapping buddy of mine. He wanted to sell it to me with a couple of old milsurp rifles. The rifles I can I.D. and put a value on. This is out of my area.

    Holster was given to him by a relative that served int he Gulf War, so definately a more recent gun. I assumed M9. Old guy did not know. Said his relative told him it was worht 150. That was what he wanted for it cause it was a hard to find Air Force type. My Taurus 92 fit in it perfectly, so it was for an M9 Beretta for sure. It has 2 catches with spring locks. One release at the thumb to open the area ove the hammer and slide. The other lock is at the trigger guard area. Both have to be released to free the gun. It has 2 adjustable, clip on leg straps and 2 velcro straps for sttaching to a waist belt. Kinda looks like a "Lara Croft" leg carry rig on the thigh. Only my leg doesn't look as good as Angelina Jolie's leg.

    Looks military for sure. But is it common or not? He said it wasn't. Or can it be had as cheap surplus or a gunshow. Kinda want a value on it so maybe I can get the 2 guns and holster for 150 or so. Not the 450 he wants for the 2 guns and the holster.

    Pis of the Air Force leg rig.


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    While I cannot confirm it IS a USAF issue is not worth that much and can be had at gunshows under the BlackHawk SERPA brand name...

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    Looks more like a level III holster probably issued out to an MP blackhawk serpa and safari land make those
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    Level III Serpa! Don't know if they were ever military issue. Have been issued to LEO's. Can still get'um new from Blackhawk.