Aftermarket slide release for SR9c?

Discussion in 'Ruger Center Fire Pistols' started by Modeler, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Modeler

    Modeler New Member

    My first carry gun was an SR9c. I loved it, but the holster selection was (at the time) fairly limited and I wasn't happy that the slide lock wasn't also a slide release. Holster selection is certainly better now, has anyone found a way to replace the slide lock with a slide release? I didn't like having to use two hands to chamber a round with the slide locked back.
  2. Daoust_Nat

    Daoust_Nat New Member

    My SR9c is difficult to release from slide lock also, so I am interested to hear what others say. I can do it, but not quickly. It is easier to use the support hand now.

  3. metalgearmurder

    metalgearmurder New Member

    Mine was literally unreleasable with the lock. I smithed the slide catch very carefully until I got it right.

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  4. ArizonaHeat

    ArizonaHeat New Member

    I searched for one for my SR40, didn't have any luck. I did a light polish on it, and just wear from using the gun it eventually has gotten to the point of releasing the slide from lock. I got use to racking it to release it and still do that now because it has been engrained into my manual of arms for the SR.

    I also found if I insert the new mag extra hard it releases by itself quite often.

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  5. lefty60

    lefty60 New Member

    If you will read your guns instruction manual, I know real men don't read the instructions, you will see that Ruger didn't design the slide lock to release the slide for a reload.!:confused:

    Ruger says load via slingshot method.

    As grandpa used to say "do as you please, cause you will anyway":cryinglaugh:

    Enjoy your Ruger pistol:D
  6. realultpwr

    realultpwr New Member

    Funny my lc9 was the same way but has worn in to release with the slide stop, of course I read the manual and I didn't catch anything saying that it was not designed that way, but of course they are two diffrent firearms so who knows