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Sometimes you just have to get girly. Whether this is because you are, in fact, of the female gender or because you know and love a female, having access to Ruger products that are a little more on the feminine side can be beneficial. While there are plenty of Rugers available in an array of colors to suit the female taste, there is a one color pattern in particular that calls out to the girls, that being the pink camo also known as Muddy Girl.

Thanks to a joint effort made by Ruger and Davidson's, shopping for the ladies in your life who like color just got a little easier. Ruger LCP and LC9s will be available in a limited-edition run with Muddy Girl frames. This gives the ladies an opportunity to own just as much gun but with the added touch of a color pattern that is rugged yet feminine. The functionality of these firearms has not been changed or altered in any way; the Muddy Girl editions are simply a color pattern geared towards members of the female gender who want to bring an extra splash of color to their gun cabinets.

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Photo: Mazys

The LCP is the smaller of the two guns in this series, weighing in at approximately 9 ounces. It is chambered for .380 and makes an excellent concealed carry firearm. It comes with a six round magazine plus one in the pipe and has fixed sights. The trigger pull on this gun is a bit heavy, but that is an intention part of the design incorporated to make pocket carry a safer option.

The LC9s is a slightly bigger choice, weighing in at nearly twice as much as the LCP at 17.2 ounces. It is a 9mm with a seven round capacity plus the one in the pipe. The LC9s has a light trigger pull and is essentially a striker-fired version of the LC9. The sights are larger and it is possible to upgrade to night sights if you wish. It, too, is a great concealed carry piece regardless of the gender opting to carry it.

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Photo: The Firearm Blog

If you are concerned about the need to change accessories should you already have one of these weapons and want to add a Muddy Girl version to your collection, worry not. Since the guns are the same as the original models with the exception of the color pattern, all accessories will work with this version as they did with the past. The new offerings bear changes that are cosmetic only and can be seen here.

In the event that you are on the fence regarding which to choose, Ruger might sway you towards the LCP by offering a free Protection Pack with purchase. This includes an extra magazine and 20-round box of Winchester Train & Defend-D hollow point ammo which is a combination of training (ball) ammo and self-defense (hollow point) ammo. Should this sound appealing, be sure to act fast as the offer is only available until the 30th of November.

Whether you yourself are a female shooter desirous of something pink or you know someone who is, these Muddy Girl options could scratch that itch. Will you be buying one for yourself or someone special in your life? Let us know in the comments!
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