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    Seems the pot could be about to boil over. Banks are buying into silver. The stock market has never started a new year this low. The rich are bailing out of Chicago. The RNC says the primary votes don't mean squat and the delegates themselves will decide who gets the nomination. Supposedly the dollar collapse is inevitable. To many closed door meetings happening in to many government offices. Civil unrest is being planned for. 2016 presidential election shenanigans could possibly be the final wake up call to the sheople that they are indeed just sheep grazing on whatever they are force fed. When Obama is in closed meetings instead of being out golfing that is a bit scary.
    I am going to put my tin foil hat on and say people better start stocking up on food and water.
    I have seen first hand that in a matter of two days the gas stations were out of gas and grocery stores were out of most everything.
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  2. phideaux

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    I'm as ready as I can be.

    Went thru a total community (Western half of Ky) shut down for 3 weeks....that was a good test for me... I did just fine.
    I'm even more prepared now than I was then.

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  3. havasu

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    I disagree. Look at the stock market. It is just a few hundred points from it's all time high. Those strategists get paid lots of money to watch trends, and they are showing things stabilizing.
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    I'm not breaking out the sandbags yet.

    Let the wheel roll a little more.
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    Silver is cheap right now, under $17/oz.. I'll be buying as long as it sits below $20. Things are actually looking pretty good. That is, of course, until the black helicopters come and take my silver. Then it will be not good.
  6. Tommycourt

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    I don't know about most of you however my tolerance for politics is down the tubes. I am tired of hearing Trump losing Colorado when the rules were posted last year and no one took the time to read them. And calling Cruz "Lying Ted" is really beginning to annoy me. Cruz on the other hand keeps on harping about his family. I can understand about someone saying something bad about your family but it's time to give it a rest. Why not talk about terrorism, economy and the lack of free speech. Hildebeast is on her Sandy Hook gun kick again and yet has no remorse for Libya (in her book she took credit for it) plus she is not worried about a federal indictment coming down over her e-mails. And Bernie wants to give everything away. I hope he is including ammo as I have not done any reloading for about a month and could use some more .45ACP. Neither party wants to talk about the subjects that the normal, everyday citizen has to face. Our social security w/o a raise or medical costs sky rocketing even if you have a supplemental. And the journalists have opinion polls, exit polls, strategy polls and B. S. polls which are meaningless to me. I have never been so sick of politics in my life as I am this year. And Lame Brain is having behind closed door sessions and who knows what he has on his acorn mind? For me? I am watching 2nd & 3rd reruns of American Pickers and Walking Dead. Hell, I think the Walking dead are all in Congress right now and 4 of them are running for POTUS. Right now I am just in total disgust and we still have a long ways to go. Think I am going to try to buy an old radio that plays old radio shows and listen to Amos and Andy so I can at least get a laugh or two.

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    The wife and I were just saying the same thing yesterday,

    I don't even want to turn on the TV anymore, especially the news.

    Like Tommy, I have seen about all the crying , whining, lying, and fighting , that I can take for this year.:dizzy::nuts:

    Whatever they want to happen is going to happen anyway....all it does is get my BP up.:rolleyes: