Arizona About The Mexican-American Border As I see It.

Discussion in 'South West USA' started by Ernesto, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. Ernesto

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    So I've lived down here in So. AZ all my life. I've grown up with hispanic kids whose parents immigrated here legally. They (well most) don't like the illegals. The kids I grew up with went into construction and now they have people treating them like illegals wanting them to do work for half the price.
    Thing is they don't want to stir the pot and be attacked so they shut up.

    I've also lived through several AMNESTY POTUS initiated programs by both the GOP and DEM's. As soon as anyone says the word "AMNESTY" THE BORDER GETS FLOODED. Then they also make them haul drugs in on back packs if you wanna cross, carry this.

    It's all (messed) up seriously and I don't trust anyone to protect our borders - Canadian - Mexican or our ports of entry.

    This is still so (messed) up and our governors still suck at protecting our borders.
    I go out there often and let me tell ya you could still drive an aircraft carrier across the border in places. The new GOP Guv'ner has not addressed the situation seriously at all.
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  2. buster40c

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    Read up on Bush, Mexico, and Canada signing the SPP which is a step towards the North American Union into being and you will understand why no president will shut down the borders. Obama has been building on what Bush started. Obama loves signing executive orders late Friday nights. The names the government uses usually works quite the opposite of what it sounds like.
    Just like they set up the EU which is failing miserably they also want to set up a North American Union.

  3. Tommycourt

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    I have no qualms what so ever about people crossing the border legally and asking to be part of the United States and go through the immigration process. Here in Mesa we have a Mexican community and many are here to work. When they do get work, they are underpaid by unscrupulous employers who want to hire cheap help.They work in a 115+ temperature and all day long. I truly believe that most Hispanics want a better life for themselves and their children. The people who came here legally, I believe, don't like the idea of illegals coming in and cashing in on any benefits that the government can give them. They don't believe just because you are here, you are entitled to all the benefits that the people who came here legally have earned. The ones I know detest the "aura" that all Hispanics want a free ride. They want the same things that we all want. Freedom of speech, worship and the right to walk down the street and not be accosted by a gang member or someone panhandling. They want their children to grow in a country where hard work and drive will accelerate the road to prosperity. I am lucky as I live in an elderly neighborhood however we have had a few problems here. You can bet that my neighbors are well aware of what would happen should someone break into my home or theirs and we see each other every day and know that our backs are protected. Some are not so lucky!
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    I have too many foreigners near me, that think that they don't have to follow American laws. They use the same license plates for 12 different cars, leave trash all over, never mow their lawn, never empty their garbage, and their kids are a holes. Send all their arses back, let them start over and remind them, they must follow OUR laws, or they go back. I am sick of putting up with their lack of initiative to try. I am also sick of paying for all of these a holes. I realize that all of them are not like this, but it is a large percentage of them. I have people behind me that saved their garbage in garbage bags, and put them out on the front porch(renters) for almost two years until the city finally told them that this green truck comes around and picks it up every week. They had to rent a uhaul to take away all the garbage. Not only are a lot of them lazy, they are ignorant as hell. I had to get the city to get them to move cars that don't run, mow their lawn, and they never shovel snow. They drive cars with oversize wheels, which don't work well in winter, and they sit in the alley and spin their tires for hours trying to get their car into the garage. I, for one am sick of the ignorance. They speak English only when their in trouble, otherwise they act like they don't know what your talking about. Send em back. You can't help everyone, especially at the expense of your life. It's not just people from Mexico, but also from the Honduras, Brazil, and other SA countries. Don't want to follow the rules........go home.
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  5. Ernesto

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    I grew up with some Hispanic kids whose parents immigrated legally, they are in construction trades and constantly get talked down to when bidding jobs, like they are supposed to be cheap like illegals.
    Yes, it's affected my trade immensely and lowered the labor price of flooring installations etc.
    My grandparents immigrated legally from Italy.

    I believe we should treat them like Mexico does to people who want to become an American citizen with fat back accounts only.

    Or we should just take Mexico if they can't stop the crime and drugs and illegals.
  6. Vee_Kay

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    Problem is, the governor has ABSOLUTELY NO POWER to do anything about the border. Obama has made sure by bringing the lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court.
  7. SFC

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    Build The Damn Wall? Huh? I was in favor of the wall, but the wall needs to be erected where there is no fence, e.g., SE Arizona Border. We need more Custom Border Protection Officers (CBP) in states from Texas to California, the same goes for more dogs at the Port of Entry. I have read reports that from Florida to California the CBP have collected in just this year (2017) over $37 Billion in narcotics. Now that ICE has the power to do their jobs they have arrested MS 13 gang members from NY & CA ranging up to 50 plus members being arrested. Yes the Wall will slow the traffic but to stop it, I don't think so as with any new mouse trap the mice will figure away around it. Sheriff Paul Babeu (Pinal County) AZ and Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Maricopa County) AZ when they were in office BHO removed ICE, military style weapons and Federal Money to support the Sheriff Offices, raise hell with ATF in Fast & Furious Operation. Will we win the Illegal Immigration War? Not as long as we keep voting the likes of McCain, Flake, Pelosi, etc., into office.
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    Here in Tucson we have billboards in Spanish, the banks have more than half the posters in Spanish. You go into the Wal-Mart on the south end of town and if you are not Latino you about don't get helped. Some of the employees do not speak English or wont.
    We in Arizona once voted to make English the official state language only to have a Spanish surnamed Judge say it wasn't Constitutional. What Bull.:mad: