A old "new" to me Beretta.

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by rugertoter, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. rugertoter

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    Like I needed another Beretta, or another 92 Series, but I could not pass this one up. It is the Model 92 S, the forerunner to the 92 F and FS.

    This particular one is an Italian police "trade-in", from about the late 70's to early 80's, and although it has a little wear and tear, mechanically it is very sound and looks great inside.

    I bought this one from a good friend of mine for 300 even, and will be taking it, as well as a couple other pistols, to the range in the morning for a little "group therapy".
    I'm such a sucker for Berettas. :p
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  2. 0311

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    Nice addition to your collection rugertoter! I have seen a bunch of police trade in berettas for sale of recently and just haven't gotten around to picking one up. Too many guns too buy, too little money to have them all!
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  3. greg_r

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    I got a new to me Beretta not too long ago myself. A friend had a 85FS that I have always liked. We used to banter around that I would buy it one day.

    He came to me a while back and asked me what I thought a Beretta Cheetah was worth. Thinking it was just more of the normal banter I said at least $200. He said I like how you put the "at least" in there. Give me $250 for it. He bought it new, still had the origional bill of sale. It came with a holster and about a 1/2 box of PMC Ball and a box of Liberty that was short 8 rounds.

    Later he asked if I had shot it yet. When I mentioned I shot 300 rounds through it the first time at the range, he informed me that the missing rounds from the 2 boxes of ammo he gave me were all that had been fired from the pistol.

    It has become my EDC, I am happy!
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  4. rugertoter

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    The 85 is an excellent pistol, and so is the 84 (just a bit fatter). Seeing as though Beretta does not seem to catalog the 85 anymore, I hung onto mine. Nice pistol you have there! :cool:
  5. rugertoter

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    Welp, I shot the Beretta 92S this morning, along with one of my M&P Shields, and the G42. Except for the slightly different manual of arms, it shot like my M9...almost. Those sights on the 92S are small, so I just did a 6 O'clock hold, and fired about one round per second. It is most certainly tougher to get the same hits with this one, that I can get with my M9, but they are doable.

    The gun shot smoothly, and ran 100% with any ammo I fed it. Overall, I'm happy with this pistol.
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  6. ifithitu

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    Sweet looking pistol.
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