A new 10/22 at the range

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    Yesterday was ridiculously warm and sunny (it got up to 70). I had some .40S&W ammo that I was leery of (I had put a strong crimp on some Berry's plated bullets), so I loaded a couple magazines for the Tanfoglio Witness and went to the F&G club range. It was summer up above but wet snow underneath, so I fired the rounds without putting up a fresh target. The ammo was OK.

    Two young guys (probably in their 30s - that's young) were there, shooting new guns for the first time that belonged to one of them.. A Ruger 10/22 and Single 10, and a semiauto 9 I didn't recognize, coulda been a Ruger too. Using Aguila .22LR ammo that functioned flawlessly; 8¢ each at an LGS in New Hampshire. The Single Ten functioned well, but I had to show them how the case extractor worked. First experience with a SA revolver. The owner had installed a scope on the 10/22, but had no way to boresight it. They must have gone through 50+ rounds before it was sighted in - all done at 50 yard range. I got there in the middle of that, so just watched. The gun ate that Aguila ammo without a hiccup.

    An entertaining range trip. Just not nearly as satisfactory as I'll get next month.

    [fingers crossed]
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    It's good to know that guys in their 30's are still considered young. Just ignore the gray hairs ;-)

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    When you are more than double 30 then you will think 30 is young.