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    And people roll their eyes at me. I just wonder how many people will read that whole article? In the comments one guy commented he had not read the whole article but he had to tell about his life being saved by some local Muslims. He should have read the whole article.
    Yeah conspiracy theories are nothing but tin foil hat lunatics saying the sky is falling.
    Yeah I suppose the millions of .40 caliber hollow point ammunitions bought by our government will be used only for training exercises. Yeah I suppose all the FEMA camps are also just another hoax.
    Yeah I suppose our having a president that has stated he loves the Muslim Islamic call to prayer is nothing to be concerned about.
    I guess the government inquiring about stock piling food rations is nothing to wonder about either.
    I guess the influx of Syrian and other Middle East migrants into the USA is nothing but just our government is being so humanitarian.
    I guess the citizens protesting the government grabbing are really terrorists and should be jailed.
    I guess removing of our historical artifacts is really all about people being offended by them.
    I guess people not allowed to hold church groups in their own homes is not a show our 1st Amendment rights are gone.
    I guess speaking against Islam or Muslims can get a person arrested and thrown in jail is not against 1st rights.
    I guess the government really wants to disarm Americans of any or all semi auto weapons because they are not needed for hunting purposes.
    I guess our Congress has been signing treaties without even being allowed to read them somehow is a constitutional way of governing the country.
    I guess the NDAA is in some way constitutional.
    I guess having election votes counted by a foreign establishment is a great idea.
    I guess the article talking about dumbing down the masses through mass media is all just more conspiracy tin foil hat nonsense.
    I guess the government now censoring the internet and wanting total control over content on the internet is for our protection.
    I really doubt the TPP really will provide more high paying jobs for Americans. I doubt the TPP will not have any effect on what can be talked about on the internet.
    I guess those tons of weapons found in shipping containers headed for Europe was just more lies but it was strange the mass news media hasn't reported it. Oh I see now the reports must be lies then.
    If anyone wants to know what is in store for the future then just watch if what the article says happens in Europe. If it happens then maybe people will wake the heck up to what is going on in the shadows.
    I have a hard time believing the dollar is safe when the major banks are buying gold and silver like it is soon to be really worth something. Funny how those that are buying precious metals are also who is setting the prices on the vary same precious metals. Yep bust the prices down and buy-buy-buy. I doubt the government talking about doing away with $100 bills and basically all cash and going to electronic currency will turn out good for the people.
    Like the article said the dumb masses and idiot proles don't have a clue thanks to controlled forms of mass media.
    But then again I supposedly wear a tin foil hat so what do I know?