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I have spent a lot of time on a forum in which every opinion gets savaged in a very unfriendly manner. I quit that site cause a civil exchange of ideas and opinions was no longer possible. I am going to step out on faith and ask a couple questions of all our Ruger folks here.
1 - What type of scopes do you buy and why.
2 - What scopes would you buy if they all cost the same? (yes, I know, this is pure fantasy but lets have some fun with it)
Maybe some gun/caliber specific answers would expand the field of responses. I will be glad to share my opinions too if this thread gets any legs but I'd love to hear from some others first.

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I guess I can try to explain briefly what I buy for Scopes.
First, it depends on what type gun , and what Im shooting at and the distances .

Long distance(200+yrds) shooting I use 6-20 magnification with 50 mm objective lense, Im cheap so I dont buy Zeiss, or Leupold.
I buy Simmons, Nikon, or high end Tasco, and Bushnell, Burris.

IMHO some of these less expensive scopes perform as well as Leupold
or Zeiss, in optics clarity, response to adjustment, and holding their settings.

For shooting shorter(< 200yrds) 4-9 mag with 40mm objective lense, same mfg as above.

For 50-75 yds I mostly use fixed mag 4 power with 32 or 40 objective lense. Burris, Tasco, Bushnell

I use 1X or 2X or 4X fixed for handgun scopes, depending on the gun and caliber, mostly Burris, some Leepers.

I use Center Point 4X16X40 on my air rifles, with adjustable objective , capable of focus adjustment down to 5 yrds.

One of the days ,when I win the lottery, Im gonna buy me a Zeiss.:D

btw, all prices the same, I like Nikon scopes a lot.
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