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There is at least one other person with the same issue. I am not sure as to what round it is. I do know that there are several different 9 mm cartridges out there. I will continue to monitor this thread to see if someone else has an answer. Since as written below they chamber in makers gun, but not another it could that the head diameter is a little out of speck.
from a calgunsnet: 9mm with headstamp PAPA will not chamber

I have had some issue with some brass chambering in my new S&W M&P compact 9. Same brass chambers in Beretta 92FS no problem.

Have have identificed I few of the offending cases and they have headstamp PAPA. See photo. I can not ID them for sure but I think they might be Japan made.

They are clearly minimally larger at the base. Fully length resize will not make them chamber in compact 9.

Is this Japan made brass for specfic pistol. I have but a few and I'm going to toss them out.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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