7mm Remington magnum loads

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  1. Squirlnutz

    Squirlnutz In the army now..

    I'm looking to load my mark2 m77 with hornady 154 sst. I've tried several combinations with IMR 4831, IMR 4350 and RL 25 and my rifle shoots best groups with factory ammo so far. I have floated the barrel and that did make a huge difference in accuracy consistency but not with hand loads.
    I've got Remington brass, Remington 9-1/2 primers for magnum and the three powders listed.
    For what it's worth, I have found that the old mans .30-06 shoots 168 grains into .125 groups with 55 grains of IMR 4350, CCI BR-2 primer with a Remington ADL.
    Any help for the 7mm in a ruger mark2 m77 is much appreciated.
  2. Squirlnutz

    Squirlnutz In the army now..

    Any help with this really is appreciated. Here is a picture of 6 rounds at 100 yards with Winchester 150 gr. and Remington 175 gr. factory loads. I had a flyer with each. ( most likely my fault they are so far apart, compared too the 4 shot group).

    This Ruger is capable of great accuracy as seen in the target. But loading these 154 sst bullets is beginning to get expensive. So far I have found
    ( according to my Hornady 9th and Lyman book)
    That 2800 fps and less causes the round to tumble instead of fly strait. I've got the bullet stable with RL 25 at 70 gr but according to these sources I'm close to exceeding maximum pressure, although I have no sign of excessive pressure yet. I've loaded another 6 rounds now and when weather permits ill try them out. 3 at 72 gr and 3 at 73 gr.
    Agin, any info for these rounds and a mark2 m77 is much appreciated.

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    Years ago I used to reload Remington 7mm mag for a Remington 700 BDL which I still own. At the time I was using H4831 and IMR4850 however I was using it for elk hunting and using a 175gr. Nosler partition bullet.The H4831 gave me a better group than the 4850. At 100 yrds. I could put a half dollar over 3 holes. The rifle was not glass bedded however I could reload 1 time and then I had to resize my casings and trim them to the same length. Also I was handloading and using a scale on every round. The rifle has a Weaver 3x9 scope on it however I haven't shot it in a long time. This may not be much help and I wish I had the formula. I found my recipe as follows: H4831 powder 61grs, 175 gr. Nosler partition rounds, and my COAL was 3.280. I had to dig through a bunch of boxes to find this as when I reloaded I marked all my boxes. This may not be much help but it's all I have to offer. I did practice with 145gr. Spitzer rounds but I cannot find my recipe so for that I am sorry. It has been many years ago and my memory taint what it used to be. Anyway, I hope this may give you a little more guidance.
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