7 year Shemitah 9-15

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    People thought the 7 year Shemitah was just a bunch of religious bunk. Well 2001 was a Shemitah year then 2008 and now 2015. People are probably thinking nothing happened so far this September and there are less than 2 days left.
    Well let's look at what happened this September shall we.
    The Hajj stampede killed or wounded over 250 Iranians that were part of the Iranian government. Actually they figure over 400 missing should have contacted their relatives by now so they might possibly be dead also. It was said about 750 total people were killed or wounded but the count is now over 4000 dead and the count is expected to go closer to 7000 dead.
    It is being reported this stampede happened because the entrance roads were cut down to just a main artery to Mecca. While this was supposedly true it is now being reported that a Saudi Prince caused the stampede. Copied from Jimstone.is...- --BUSTED: SAUDI PRINCE CAUSED HAJJ STAMPEDE ON PURPOSE TO PROVIDE ISRAELI MOSSAD COVER WHILE THEY KIDNAPPED APPROXIMATELY 225 KEY PEOPLE FROM IRAN'S GOVERNMENT. THE PRINCE TERRIFIED THE CROWD WITH 150 MENACING ARMED GUARDS WHO BRANDISHED WEAPONS AND THREW CANISTERS OF HIGHLY IRRITATING AND POISONOUS CS GAS INTO THE CROWD AND THAT WAS THE REASON FOR THE STAMPEDE
    9-11-2001 was around 3000+ deaths. 9-24-2015 death toll possibly end up close to 7000. This is not even including the other deaths this month such as a wedding where over 150 people attending a wedding were killed by Saudi bombers.
    People think because they haven't heard of the real atrocities that have happened this month then as usual the scare doom and gloom nuts were just that.....NUTS. The worst of this mass killings is what are they going to lead to? This could be another lead into total war. I seriously doubt Iran is going to sit back and watch reruns of Father Knows Best. Obama just lifted the sanctions off of Iran. What a coincidence that is. Of course there are going to be people saying killings have been going on for some time now and this is no difference. Well I think thousands killed in one place is not normal mid east fighting casualties.
    Think what you want as that is totally your right but personally I think the Shemitah year 2015 will go down in history.