6.5 CM Ruger American Predator

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    Yeah I had a 6.5 CM Predator. Bought a Timney trigger for it and WOW! It shot 1/2 MOA with Hornady 140 gr. ELD-M Match ammo and 3/8" 100 yard groups with Hornady ELD-X Precision Hunter ammo.
    I also bought a BOYD'S laminated CLASSIC stock for it and it looked very classy with also a new metal trigger guard.
    BUT... I lost 2 cartridges in two days while hunting BECAUSE THE DAMN RIFLE HAD NO BOLT LOCK WHEN ON SAFE (or OFF safe)! What a shame for a nice rifle otherwise. And it's SO easy to fix if only RUGER would do it. I called and asked them about the problem and the Cust. Service woman got testy when I asked why and she said, "That's just the way they designed it!" and hung up. REALLY?

    So I sold the Predator and bought a Browning X-Bolt Pro in 6.5 PRC. The X-Bolt DOES have a good bolt lock. Great rifle and just as accurate as the Predator.
  2. Sounds like a BS COCK & BULL STORY!
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    It is a very good rifle as you've explained. For me, it is a minor issue. I don't keep a cartridge chambered until I have my game on sight. I always teach my kids to keep their gun unloaded/unchambered until they are on the field. Unload when walking through heavy dense brush or climbing over or under certain fences, boulders. Then and only then chamber a cartridge when you are set on a target. Some professional guides will advise to keep unloaded until on the field.

    Not a good report for Ruger's customer service to be rude and hang up on you. I too would be upset, but I don't think I would sell my Ruger rifle. By what you wrote, (1/2" MOA at 100 yards) is right on.
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    Dear "Black Rifle..."
    Pray tell just WHY you think my Ruger American Predator story is "BS"?
    -> You think I'm making up the lack of bolt lock? (Ever OWNED an American??)
    -> You just don't like me?
    -> Or BOTH?

    Perhaps you need to ASK me regarding what you find difficult to believe instead of blasting out a "BS" epithet.
    Eric B.