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    The other day I was outside and I noticed a flashing light as I was looking at the trees and skyline. The flashing light was one of those lights to warn planes of a high structure.
    I went inside and checked again for 5g cell transmitters near me. I had checked about a couple months ago and no towers were close to me but the electric company had a transmitter the next street over. Well this check showed the new 5g cell tower at around 200' tall. It is less than half a mile from me.

    I drove over and drove slow as I checked it out. Funny thing was a sheriff cruiser went by me and he waved to me. The sheriff stopped up at the next crossroad and he turned all his flashing lights on. I wondered was that a warning to me to keep on going? The land where the tower is located is cyclone fenced off and the tower and electronics are also fenced off within the other fencing.

    All I have read about 5g is that it will be much faster and able to carry more data but the possible EMF health problems stemming from it could be really bad. The closer a person is to a 5g transmitter the greater chance of having health problems. 5g signals don't travel as far so a lot of small transmitters will be put up.

    Is the health cost of new technology worth it?
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    I remember when the Amana "Radarange" came out.........there were similar warnings about "radiated" food! Most people didn't know that microwave cooking had been used for decades to prepare in flight meals. What would Nikola Tesla think?

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    Tesla would probably have a pic of him holding a stick in one hand with a marshmallow on the end that is melted. In his other hand is a poster saying this is your future.
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