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With the Ruger 10/22 being amongst the most popular choices when it comes to .22 rifles, it is only logical many supportive accessories exist to compliment such a gun. When the masses are drawn to something such as the 10/22, it becomes a priority to add to and build upon it, making it unique to the individual owner. Manufacturers are more than happy to offer all sorts of additions to make your 10/22 stand out as that puts more dollars in their pockets. At the same time, it can confuse consumers to have so many options when it comes to deciding what they really need. With that in mind, here are the top five accessories every 10/22 owner should consider:

1. Magazines for your 10/22 are essential and you have options to consider when choosing yours. Depending on the use and purpose you have in mind for your 10/22, it could be that you are perfectly content with the standard 10 round rotary magazine. On the flip side, however, an extended magazine may be more appropriate. Whichever you choose, you will likely want or need to have a few on hand in case of malfunction or for rigorous shooting practices to keep the need to reload constantly from slowing you down. While you're shopping for magazines, adding a magazine release won't hurt either.
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2. Some might debate the use of a certain type of scope on a 10/22 or even the overall use of a scope at all. Alas, to add or not add a scope is a personal choice, but to some it is useful based on what you wish to achieve when shooting. If you are planning to use your 10/22 for survival purposes such as hunting the game necessary to survive, a scope could prove to be a worthwhile investment. However, if you only intend to do some occasional target shooting, a scope may be overkill. The choice is up to each individual, but be sure to plan for your purpose whether that includes a scope or not.

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3. You've probably heard tales of flawless operation of the Ruger 10/22 that spanned decades. Perhaps you are even one who has such a story to tell. However, you may not be one of those people and therefore you might want to consider an extractor. Since it has been said that the 10/22 can be slow with extraction, especially when used frequently, it won't hurt to give yourself a little advantage in this department. All it takes is an aftermarket extractor to get the job done, removing casings with impressive speed.
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4. When the bolt on your Ruger 10/22 is in a locked back position, sometimes it can be a touch difficult to pull the bolt back while pushing the bolt release mechanism simultaneously to successfully chamber a round. If your dexterity isn't what it used to be, adding an automatic bolt release could make a lot of difference as they allow you to manipulate the bolt without having to touch the bolt lock mechanism. All told, it will simplify the operation of your 10/22 while streamlining use at the same time. Some people choose to modify this on their own, but you can eliminate the guesswork by purchasing one already good to go. You can also take one step further and enhance your bolt with an extended bolt handle to make grasping it that much easier.
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5. It goes without saying that you will have to carry your 10/22 around somehow, the easiest option for which is a sling. Using a sling allows transport of your 10/22 both efficiently and safely. Slings are also great options for personalizing your gun and making it more of a reflection of your tastes. Many aftermarket slings are available with paracord being a top choice. When it comes to survival, paracord is a valuable choice as a sling component due to its many uses.

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The options for outfitting and customizing your Ruger 10/22 are just about endless. Whether you want to accessories yours for practicality or aesthetic purposes, the gun world truly is your oyster. Thanks to aftermarket options becoming available, even budget limitations don't have to stand in your way.

What enhancements have you personally made to your 10/22? What is on your list of accessories you would like to add? Let us know in the comments!

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it would be real nice if Ruger started making these firearms with all of these type "additions" to start with. I am not talking of free, I am willing for a menu of options to make the product perfect to start with.
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