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    This thread is inspired by SavageGuy and cunger13 when they asked what inspires you to buy and favorite caliber. Thought I would talk about my two newest purchases.

    The 45acp is hands down my favorite handgun cartridge. The 1911 and 1917 are my favorite platforms for this round. I have never been a fan of the 40 S&W, but I bought one back during the past ammunition drought when 40s&w was the only game in town. Once the drought was over I decided to trade off the 40 for something I liked better. One of what I looked at was the Kahr 45. When I put the Kahr in my hand I had the impression that someone had measured my hand and made it just for me. It just fit perfectly. Long story short, it went home with me. First time at the range I was anticipating some serious recoil from such a light weight 45. It's plastic, don't cha know! I braced for the first shot and....that's it? That's all it recoils? I consider it one of the best purchases I have ever made. It has become my EDC.

    My favorite "outdoors" cartridge is the 38 special. Give me a 3 inch barrel some shot shell cartridges, a few semi wad cutters, make it a S&W model 10 and I'm ready for the creepy crawlers that like to come around the fire at night. Enter the Ruger LCRX-3. I was not really looking to buy, and honestly I thought the LCRX was somewhat homely looking, but I just wanted to see a plastic revolver. My first impression was is this all there is to it. It literally felt like half the weight of my M68 ( model 10 clone). Plus that Hogue grip felt pretty good. It went home with me also. Again, trepidation before the first shot. This thing was going to kick like an angry mule. I had visions of a bruised finger from the trigger guard slamming into it. Again, the recoil was not bad at all, plus it was pretty accurate to boot. And carrying? You hardly know it's there! I still think it's a bit homely looking, but how's that old song go? She might be ugly, but she sure cooks good!

    So there you go, plastic 45's and revolvers and how I talked myself into buying them.
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    I think you got a couple top notch handguns there.

    I cant speak for the Kahr, as I don't own one, (have shot one) and liked it.

    But the LCR was my wife's EDC for a long time, and of course I shot it and REALLY liked it. Specially with +P ammo.
    Took it with me to Knob Creek back in 2011, and a bunch of guys shot it and the word was "that's the most accurate little revolver, and the best DA trigger I ever shot"

    Yep its a dandy.

    Congrats on a good grab.


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    My 4" Security-Six 357mag will always hold a special place in my heart. It was and continues to be my favorite gun.

    Next is my S&W 29-2 6 1/2" 44mag

    Then my 1911 series 70 replicas in 45acp (I recently traded the one I had in 10mm) which in my opinion is the finest autoloader ever made.

    I don't think I have ever consciously thought of a favorite caliber for handgun. I have just spent 10 minutes trying to think of one and if I even have one. And nope. The handguns I have and consider my favorite top 5 are in fact all different calibers. 1) 357mag , 2) 44mag 3) 45acp 4) 40s&w 5) 9mm

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    Of all the guns I have fired the Kahr is not for me. It is a great gun, but in my hand, my right thumb pushes the slide lock up during recoil. To me the slide lock is to long. The SR45 was perfect for me but between 45 Colt and 45acp I was going thru to much powder. 45 Colt is my hands down favorite. :D The 9mm comes in next.
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    My preferred choice is the 38/357 and the 45.
    I have found my LCR 357 is hands down the end all looking for a CC gun. My Kimber Ultra Carry II .45 fits the bill for a semi auto.
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    9mm, period. Ammo cost and availability are the biggest factors, but the fact that it's controllable in very light guns doesn't hurt. .380 is twice as expensive and half as effective. .45 ACP takes a bigger gun and costs much more. (I just fired a 5" 1911 for the first time and loved it though...) .40 is more kick and less ammo capacity than 9mm in a same size gun. I do love a .357 with 4" barrel because it reminds me of the first handgun I ever shot as a kid.
    My criteria for buying a handgun is A) It's not a Glock, and B) it is a reliable, comfortable shooter. That's really it. Well, not costing a fortune is important too:rolleyes:
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    Well, if I consider the guns I have in one caliber that I shoot the most of.

    .38/357, withthe .38 spl in handloads of hardcast wadcutters and semi-wadcutters mostly. Warm to hot .38 spls work on just about anyehing around here for field use on all of these. It's what I handload the most.

    S&W-Mod 10 & 60 .38 spl. dan wesson Mod 14 .357, Ruger- Service Six, Blackhawk, LCR .357s. Colt Trooper Mk III .357 & Cobra snub .38 spl. Taurus Ultra Lite .38 spl.

    The auto caliber would be the .45 acp. It's the only auto pistol caliber I ever reloaded for. I don't reload it much now. Too lazy to cchase brass. Too blind to find it actually, even worse for the others.

    Guns for it. Auto Ordnace, Argentine Militay, and Taurus 1911 types. Ruger KP-90. Taurus 24/7. I had the Kahr CW45, but raded it , for something I rally wanted. I will probably get another one. It's very light, till ya put 6+1 rounds of .45 hardball in it. Then it weighs a good bit more. It was a bit heavy for me.

    I have 5 assorted 9mm pistols. I just don't shoot them much. Carry the DC9s alot and don't shoot it much. My son has the other one.

    I use to shoot the .44 mag alot when I was younger. Still have the Super B, S&W 629, and Taurus Tracker Snub. I just don't shoot them much now cause I don't hunt anymore. Use to reload hot stuff for the Super Blk Hk. I still could, but what for?