45 ACP in my NM Blackhawk

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    I just loaded a dozen Speer .452 graphite coated 250 gr SWC into my Federal once fired cases. 6 gr Unique (weighed) and small pistol primers. OAL 1.275". I like the small primers with this load as the pressure is said to be slightly less. I loaded 3-230 gr Lead truncated cone loads intermittently in the cylinder with the 250's. I used 5.6 gr Unique in those. Large pistol primers. OAL 1.170. I could tell no difference in the recoil but, I fired at water filled 1 gallon jugs at 30 feet and the 255's blasted one jug in half while the LTC load split the backside of the other jug a bit...not as devastating as the 250 grainer. Both look like they will be heavy enough for hunting. I was surprised at my accuracy. I fired 6 rounds and counted 3 holes in each jug...in the front. :D

    Oh, no signs of excessive pressure. and all cases in reloadable condition.

    I got my testing in for today. It wasn't a long session but it took the edge off my need to smell burned powder.
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    When they first came out with the 45 Gap for Glock they used small primers so you could easily tell it from the 45acp. Lately though I have found some 45acp ammo with the small primers. The ones I found were Federal. As I remember the 45 Gap was higher pressure and we had been told not to use it in standard 45acp guns.
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    I have noticed lately a lot of Federal rounds with small primers. Usually I just pick up all .45acp brass and take them home and tumble them. Now after tumbling and resizing I have to check for small primer .45. They will deprime fine however when you go to prime them is when you really notice them. I try to check them after resizing however there are some that slip through. Using a Lyman hand primer is where you can really find them. They must have run a bunch through because the last bunch I picked up, about 200 rounds over half of them were small primer.

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    " the 250 grain (SWC) blasted one jug in half " ... just maybe old Elmer Keith was on to something with those semi-wadcutter bullets he touted. I keep finding myself coming back to them after trying the newest and latest wonder jacketed premium bullet, every time .
    The 250 grain SWC at a decent velocity will be hard to beat in a hunting situation.....put that big bullet in the boiler room and you will have meat !