44 Carbine barrel twist

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    Does anyone know for certain the twist on the 44 carbine? I have gotten amazing accuracy in 2 different Ruger carbines using 300 grain bullets. I have crushed some hogs with them and highly recommend that bullet for hunting big hogs or even black bear if you are able. However, when I shoot the same bullet from my Marlin 1894, they barely stay on the paper and sometimes tumble. I have been told the Marlin has something like a 1 to 32 twist and the Ruger around a 1-16 or 1-18. Can anybody confirm or correct those numbers?
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    I also have been able to find only mentioned in another forum , either 1:38 or 1:20.

    Use a cleaning rod , with a piece of masking tape on the rod, push it thru with a tight patch, count the revolution of the tape.
    If it turns 1/2 rev in 19 inches its 1:38.
    If it turns 1/2 rev in 10 inches ,its 1:20.

    You can apply this to any firearm to determine the twist rate.