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Yes they are a sponsor here. I have worn mine 95% of every waking minute. (The other 5% I have a Sticky Holster MD4). The main concept of this holster system was to make use of DEEP CONCEAL. Hiding your firearm in the crotch area (Great idea if your thin-See Their Videos). I actually shifted my firearm once to that position in a restaurant that was full of Houston HPD... Just didn't want to attract any attention. My main carry position is just above the belt line of my short/jeans at 1:00-1:30 (AIWB). I have no problems with Appendix Carry. I am 63 years old and have some issue reaching back into anything past a 2:00 (Forget drawing from my SIX). the AIWB gives me excellent conceal and I can get a great full grip on my firearm. The 3Speed Holster unlike its competitor Smart Carry, is not just a canvas sack you throw your firearm in. Its a well made formed pouch (not leather or vinyl, but durable) that is made for your specific firearm. The holster will accommodate your firearm and a spare magazine. (They can also add room for gun mounted light and can add extra space for carrying ID's). There is a large backplate so your firearm is not touching your skin. (I do wear an extra Tank Top Tee to keep from getting irritated b y the Hook & Loop belt ) The Holster needs about a week to break in right. The back part has a stiffer insert in it. As you practice drawing your firearm. Your thumb creates a channel, this channel eventually makes your draw consistent and quick. I have put some excessive wear on my holster. You can see where the manual (ambidextrous safety rubbed the backplate). Would I replace this with another 3 Speed Holster, YES I WOULD.

I originally researched and purchased this one, because i wanted a system to wear in Texas Gulf Coast summers, which are drawstring shorts and tees for me. I wanted my holster to fit my lifestyle, not to have to dress around my conceal. Someday i might add another more convention gun belt & holster, but I like this set up too much.


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