.357 Blackhawk vs moose?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by baronvoncatania, May 15, 2013.

  1. baronvoncatania

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    Years ago I was given a .357 blackhawk because I hunt grouse in N.H. and the moose are in rut. Is this a good gun as a defense from a moose, and what kind of ammo would you use?

    thanks jim
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    Let me just say....I have hunted Canadian Moose.
    I have taken a 1800 pound ,charging (in rut) bull Moose.

    I nearly crapped my pants to see him still coming after 2 shots of 30-06 to the chest at 30 yds, then drop 10 ft from me (hiding behind a tree).;)

    Would I rely on a .357 to stop a moose ,of any size, except maybe a baby calf, NOT ME.:)


  3. baronvoncatania

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    .357 vs moose

    Thanks Phideaux

    For that. I'm not looking for an encounter with a moose, I just carry in case one threatens me. I did come across a big bull when hunting grouse and he just stepped out of the woods a casually looked me over a sauntered off.

    All I had with me at the time was a 12ga shotgun with an ounce of bird shot.