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Man........I guess I'm the only person who likes out of the ordinary firearms/stuff!

No but it's definitely a small minority and a niche. Even more so today than decades ago. Those who use to are getting old while others are consolidating their calibers. The real focus over the last several years has been on self-defense.

And the truth is unless you are reloader even fun plinking with self-defense calibers isn't economically viable. I went to 9mm from .357 mag for several reasons of which one was cost and a better variety. However had I been a reloader now we got options.

I like the 9mm because it is a viable self-defence caliber and still cheap enough to fire a box or two off a few times a year. Ball for practice and from a decent company at perhaps .23 cents a round. My carry load is at over .70 cents a round.

9mm is the second cheapest behind .22 LR. And since I'm on a tight budget my carry gun also has to serve as a fun range gun as well. My .357 LCR was doable but the truth is it wasn't all that fun and I could do over 150 rounds a session in it and once did 300 rounds at one session and all magnum loads. (not full house)

Once I figured out the math and did some calculations I'm losing very little with my 9mm from the EC9s compared to the LCR. But gaining a whole lot more.

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