30.06/30.07 oops today

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  1. buster40c

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    I went to the Vet today and of course I was carrying. I looked at the front door and didn't see any no gun signs and I went right in. I was in the store for about an hour or so and left. I was carrying my LCR at 9 0'clock in a canted OWB holster with an un-tucked shirt covering it. I guess this proved nobody noticed it.

    I cam back about 5 hours later to pick my dog up and I "DID" see the two signs. One 30.06 and one 30.07. The signs were in English and Spanish. Because of that I felt the signs were probably under legal size. The 30.06 sign was on the wall a few feet to the left of the front door and the 30.07 was on a wall perpendicular to the front door. Both signs IMO were a bit distracted from plain sight of someone entering the front door. I didn't see them the first time. Holy moley I turned around and put my gun in my car. Geeze I could have gone to jail today.

    I had a similar problem at a hospital where the 30.06 sign was obscured by plants. Because it was a hospital I didn't have my gun on me that time. Even the security cop didn't have a gun but he did have a taser on his belt.

    I guess I am going to have to thoroughly look all around the entrance of stores from now on.
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  2. gumpy

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    I don't look, then I can say I didn't see it! Ha. If there is a metal detector I don't carry it in.

  3. buster40c

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    Geeze there was a gun right beside them and it didn't shoot anybody.
  4. conservative

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    Funny how that happens! Anti gun people say guns kill people!!! What ignoramuses they are.
  5. Tommycourt

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    I have yet had anybody say anything to me about carrying my shooter. Most of our stores know that more than half the people here are armed and they just accept it. Now, when it comes to "No Smoking" (which I do) and even if I light up a cigarette in the parking lot, a security guard will come over and tell me that : this is a no smoking campus". When did hospitals become college or schools where you are out in the middle of a parking lot, standing next to your car, no one around, and then the security guard on a golf cart get so irate? Who am I hurting? Drives me crazy! They look more for smokers than some lunatic that might go whacko.

  6. MagBlackhawk

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    I'd be looking for a new vet for my dog. :mad:
    And the old vet would know why........... :p

  7. spikedriver

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    ^^^ My old Chiropractor told me, back when ammo was scarce, that the reason was the NRA was scaring all the gun owners into hoarding so that the NRA's corporate masters (i.e. the gun companies) could turn a bigger profit.

    Notice I said, my old Chiropractor...

    I don't worry too much about businesses that post no firearms. They have the right to post it, I have the right to go elsewhere.
  8. squirrelhunter

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    If the sign isn't on the door,I won't see it. If anybody ever says anything I'll just say "put it where people will see it" and never go back.
  9. buster40c

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    The front door had a porch which had a fence on part of it and other objects so the signs actually looked more like possible decorations.
    This was my first time at this vet. It is a non profit vet so prices were much less costly than my local vets are.